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The Power of Accelerated Learning

The American Merit Academy (AMA) Summer Camps at West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, are scholastic Educational Camps that are meticulously designed to prepare 10th, 11th, and 12th grade high school students for a successful post-secondary education. This will be principally achieved by focusing on reinforcing and enhancing certain essential scholastic, academic, and life-related skills. Our program is enriched by many activities such as visiting universities, and arranging for various activities, adventures, and recreational trips.

Why West Lafayette, Indiana?
West Lafayette is a mid-sized town in rural Indiana that is home to Purdue University, a world-class institution with top-ranked programs in science and engineering. Moreover, West Lafayette is a perfectly sized town to allow for personal safety while exploring and experiencing American college life.

Why focus on Math and English?
Because Math and English are the principle focus of most general aptitude admission tests.

Travel and Transportation
A) A supervisor will accompany students during the trip from Kuwait to Chicago and from Chicago to Kuwait
B) Travel dates and itinerary, airline, electronic ticket, welcome package
C) Arrival arrangements in Chicago, reception arrangements at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, and transportation to West Lafayette, Indiana
D) Departure arrangements, transportation from Chicago to O'Hare International Airport in Chicago
E) Transportation for all activities is also provided

Accommodation and Food
Students will be accommodated in twin-bed rooms at hotels such as Four Points by Sheraton and the Hampton Inn and Suites. (Breakfast included). For lunch on Mon, Tue, Thu, and Fri, students will have a variety of food options available on the Purdue campus. For Wed, Sat, and Sun, lunch venues are determined based on the specific activities of each day. For dinner, students will dine in the hotel or a nearby restaurant.

Safety, Supervision, and Health Insurance
Students will be formed into groups of 12-15 students, each of which will be under the supervision of a dedicated full-time supervisor during all air and land transportation, hotel accommodation, as well as all activities of the camp. Finally, traveler's health insurance will be provided for each student for the duration of the designated camp.

Enrolled students are expected to follow strict ethical and disciplinary rules throughout the duration of the designated camp. Students are expected to follow the specified daily activity schedule. All students are expected to follow the instructions of the designated supervisor. Aside from bringing personal items and clothing, each student must bring a smart phone and a preferably a laptop with a licensed Microsoft package downloaded to it.

US Visa
Accepted international students will be responsible for obtaining the required visa to travel to the United States in order to join one of our camps. To apply for the US visa, please visit the website of the United States Embassy by clicking here. 

  Apply For U.S. Visa

Our Summer Camps, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

These camps are designated for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students during the following periods, where, for each time-period, there will be two separated groups of students (boys and girls) with different accommodation arrangements.

  • July 1 to July 23, 2018
  • July 23 to Aug 14, 2018

The fee for each camp is $10,000 or 3000 KWD, which covers:

1) All Activities in the Schedules 2) Accommodations and Food 3) Enrollment and Payment

Each accepted student and his or her guardian will be contacted by the American Merit Academy via a telephone call and an email to schedule a short meeting with the designated camp supervisor in a one-to-one fashion or via Skype. Their guardian will also need to sign a consent form permitting his or her son or daughter to attend the camp. Please scan this form and send it to our email.


American Merit Academy LLC of West Lafayette, Indiana, specializes in helping students who are preparing for college. To that end, when we offer a convenient college prep program, we hope you'll take a few minutes to read over our policy information.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

1) Cancellation Within 1 Week of Enrollment — Full Refund, After Deducting Bank Transfer Fees or Credit Card Convenience Fees
2) Cancellation After 1 Week of Enrollment, But Less Than 2 Weeks — 75% Refund
3) Cancellation After 2 Weeks of Enrollment, But Before 3 weeks — 50% Refund
4) Cancellation After 3 Weeks of Enrollment, But Before 4 Weeks — 25% Refund
5) Cancellation After 4 Weeks — No Refund